Why You Should Buy Your Diamond Ring Online


Like the many websites and apps that add greater convenience to your life, diamonds are also now more accessible than ever. Whether it is to buy a loose diamond to set to a custom design or getting the perfect engagement ring to propose, you can now browse them all at your fingertips. Here’s our reasons why you should buy your diamonds online.


Gone are the days where we are limited to the offerings of brick-and-mortar stores. With online marketplaces like LUXIEE, easily gain access to a wide variety of diamonds in all shapes and sizes. Getting a diamond to your specifications is now as easy as flipping a few filters. You can shop for your diamonds fuss-free anywhere and at anytime without having a sales-person pressure you into buying a diamond that does not meet your requirements.


Quality is crucial when it comes to purchasing a diamond. That is why over at LUXIEE, we only supply diamonds that are GIA certified. Shopping online for diamonds does not mean having to forgo being well-informed of your purchase. 

To bridge the knowledge gap, many online retailers provide online assistance and readily-available information; whether it is through online chat, email or blogs such as our Ultimate Diamond Buyer’s Guide

This is to ensure customers are as well, if not better informed than if they were to shop at brick-and-mortar stores.


With no physical store, online diamond retailers are able to cut all unnecessary costs, which in turn keeps diamonds prices much lower. At LUXIEE for instance, you’re able to save up to 300% on your diamond purchases. Being the world’s first online diamond marketplace, we connect suppliers directly to our customers which allows for diamonds to be purchased at its true cost.


If variety is what you are looking for, shopping online for diamonds is the way to go! It not only gives you the luxury to choose amongst an extensive inventory of diamonds of different shapes and sizes, but also numerous ring settings to set the diamond in.


There is a common misconception that shopping online takes away that “special feeling” you get when you take the time to hunt for your ring around various shops, because it’s assumed you “don’t put in as much effort” if you shop online.

When you shop online, you aren’t confined by the inventory of a physical store. In fact, shopping online for your diamonds not only makes you a more informed purchaser, it allows you to personalise the specs of the diamond. The most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable with your diamond – this is what makes special occasions “special” and ones that you’ll cherish forever.

Save up to 300% on your diamond purchase at www.luxiee.com. Browse over 100,000 diamonds from our different suppliers with an array of ring settings to set your diamond in. If you’d like to customise your ring for a more personalised touch, do feel free to reach us at info@luxiee.com