Which Ring Setting Suits Her Best?


Solitaire? Vintage? Bezel? With ring settings coming in so many different designs and styles, picking the perfect one can be rather overwhelming. We hear you and that’s why we’ve come up with a fail-proof guide in making sure you get one that suits her best.


Keeping to the firm belief of quality over quantity, her closet is filled with timeless staples that will never go out of style. The solitaire setting is the perfect match for her. A solitaire dorns a simple yet classy look allowing for the diamond to take center stage with no distractions.


It’s pronounced as “pah-vay”, I know what you’re thinking and yes it’s as fancy as it sounds. She is dramatic and bold, and is the life of the party. As much as this setting highlights the center diamond; the band gets loads of love too! Its side diamonds held in by smaller prongs give the whole ring that extra oomph!


She’s hiking, kickboxing and weightlifting in the day and gets all dolled up for drinks in the evening. Being a girl who is always on the go, it is very important for her ring setting to keep up with her lifestyle. The channel setting has its side diamonds lined up in a row along the band between the metal this ensures the diamonds are secure. Unlike a pavé setting, its side diamonds are not enforced by prongs; making sure her engagement ring is snag-free.


Considered the safest ring setting ever. A bezel setting surrounds the diamond with a thin metal rim made to hold the stone securely in place. Giving ultimate diamond protection for the boho girl who is constantly getting her hands dirty.


Casual dressing will never be in her books. She goes for loud statement pieces and believes in the motto “go big or go home”. As the name suggests, this engagement ring comes with not one but two center stones. Propose to her with an engagement ring as vivacious as she!


Instead of having the diamond set in the conventional way, diamonds of east-west setting are turned horizontal — it may seem like a small change, but has a big impact. For example, a marquise diamond set in a classic solitaire setting has a vintage vibe, but once it’s set east-west it seems modern and fresh. A setting truly befitting for a girl who has an eclectic sense of style.


A cluster setting is when smaller clusters of stones – set in no specific way surround the center diamond. Not only does this setting give off an illusion of a bigger diamond, it also makes for a heirloom worthy engagement ring. The cluster setting is a ring that will be uniquely yours and for your many generations to come.


Vintage ring settings require a high level of intricacy and how it all holds up depends on its amazing workmanship. Just like her style, a vintage setting embodies character and charm of the old-world. She is most likely going to upcycle her mothers or grandmother’s wedding dress with some modern alterations.

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