This Valentine’s Day…


LUXIEE finds out if men are really that clueless about the dream engagement ring. To find out if it holds true, we’ve out 4 pairs to the test:

1) Chee Kiat & Sherilyn: Best friends for 10 years

2) Uma & Praveen: Dating for 2.5 years

3) Glenn & Shan: Together for 4 years and married for 4 months

4) Paul & Ai Ling: Married for 35 years

How well will the men fare in picking out the dream engagement ring for the ladies? Watch it unravel in our video.


We’ve seen an increasing trend of females taking charge of what they want by browsing and then dropping hints to their partners. On, females make up 60% of all site traffic, though men make up 77% of eventual buyers. Through our correspondence with customers, we know that many couples openly share and communicate their preferences with their partners. Many even shop together!

With so many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a diamond; getting the dream engagement ring for her must seem like an arduous task to many. Fear not, for we have the ultimate useful diamond buyers guide! 

In 2019, this is what most of our customers looked for when buying a diamond:

+ Shape: The classic round diamond dominates as the most popular shape. Other shapes are cushion, princess, and oval.

+ Colour: Buyers recognize the importance of good colours, with over 80% opting to buy a G colour or better.

+ Carat: Most of the diamonds transacted via LUXIEE fall between 0.7 to 0.99 carat, with 0.5 to 0.69 carat coming in a close second.

+ Clarity: Half of all buyers opt for clarity to be minimally VS1, for only very slightly included diamonds.

+ Cut: This is where buyers are most adamant in only getting the best. 95% of all diamonds purchased have Excellent cuts for maximum fire and brilliance.

Create your dream engagement ring with LUXIEE! Be spoilt for choice with over 100,000 diamonds and a variety of ring settings to choose from.