Taking The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie


You’ve said “YES!” to the man of your dreams and bonus! The most beautiful diamond engagement ring you’ve laid your eyes upon. Now all that’s left is to share the good news on the ‘gram! Ring selfies are sacred and one for the memory bank – you don’t want to mess it up. Here are some tips to help you get that perfect engagement ring selfie.


Natural light maximises your diamond’s bling potential. Find natural lighting that will not create harsh shadows such as overcast skies or light coming through the window. Never combine natural and indoor lighting as it may create a yellow or orange cast on the picture. Natural lighting, being the most flattering form of light, will make diamonds of all shapes and sizes sparkle.


How could we forget the mandatory ring close-up. Pro-tip: do not zoom in to the ring using your phone’s zoom function. You will never get a picture as clear and crisp as physically moving your phone nearer to your ring and tapping on the screen to focus. If camera has a macro mode, even better!


Test out different shot angles to bring out the most amazing qualities of your new bling. Want your followers to have super-bling-envy? Try taking a shot from above which helps highlight the stone’s shape and size. Another option is to do your ring setting justice by angling your camera to the side to show it off.


Your engagement ring should be the center of attention. Pose your hand against a simple background with little to no distractions. As our eyes are naturally attracted to bright colours, it is better to pose against a darker background so that it brings the ring into focus. An Insta-worthy skyline, a glass of champagne or a textured cloth are all good starting points.


Don’t let bad manicure jobs or hangnails steal your ring’s limelight. If your beau proposes by surprise and your nails don’t look their best, but you still want to snap pics anyways (which you definitely should!), get creative by framing your nails out of the image. Ask your partner to hold your fingertips while he takes a picture of your new ring or even fist bump the camera. Pro-tip: apply moisturiser before you snap a pic to make your hands look extra smooth.


You’ll definitely need some skills in perfecting a pose for an engagement ring picture. The most important thing is to make sure every hand featured is relaxed which will make the hands look smoother. An easy way to achieve this is by adding a prop or resting your hands on your fiancé’s arm.


You are now equipped with all the essential tips — so get snapping! Try different angles, backgrounds and poses till you find the perfect picture. When it comes down to choosing “The One” to post, stick with one perfect photo which will be much more effective than sharing multiple photos.


Now that you’ve found “The One” to post, you’ll need a caption to convey this once-in-a-lifetime moment. It can be sentimental and personal, humorous and cheeky, or even expressed with a bunch of emojis. Remember to hashtag your pictures with popular hashtags such as #shesaidyes #engaged #diamonds #proposal to share your perfect shot! Last but not least, if you are the proud owner of a diamond ring from LUXIEE, tag us at @luxiee.official!

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