Spot A Fake Diamond Correctly Every Time

Learn the foolproof way to figure it out.


It’s easy to tell if a diamond is real

Finally. The diamond of your dreams. It’s shiny. It sparkles. But how can you guarantee that it’s the real deal? You want to know for sure. Using your rock to scratch glass seems like an archaic solution — you could even damage it in the process. Nobody wants that. Thankfully, if a diamond has been GIA-certified, you don’t have to panic. This proves that the diamond is 100% authentic. Still, how can you confirm that the person selling it to you isn’t fibbing? Or that your stone hasn’t been switched after polishing?

What GIA-certified really means

When a diamond is sent to the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) for grading and certification, experienced gemmologists inspect it with advanced technology to determine the 4Cs (colour, clarity, cut and carat), as well as the symmetry, polish and more. Once the thorough inspection is complete, both a physical and a digital GIA certificate, along with a unique report number, are issued to that diamond. But how can you confirm these certificates are for your diamond? Simple. Get up close and personal.

The GIA laser inscription number is your best friend

GIA-certified diamonds wear a laser engraving with the GIA report number on the girdle. By checking the laser inscription, you’ll know that the diamond belongs to the corresponding certificate. This engraving is so tiny that it’s impossible to see with the naked eye. This ensures that your stone’s brilliance isn’t compromised in the slightest. You’ll need some help to view the number — like a diamond loupe with 20 times magnification. Don’t fret though. Most jewellers have a specialised laser inscription viewer.

Don’t underestimate proper prong setting

If your diamond has not been set on a ring, remember to not cover the GIA laser inscription number with the prongs. It should always be exposed to allow you to check it at any point of time. No questions asked. That means, even if you’ve sent your diamond ring for cleaning or repairs, you’ll always know how to make sure it’s actually yours.

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