How To Make Small Weddings Special


The recent COVID-19 situation has put a lot of things on hold through the implementation of measures on limiting mass gatherings including weddings to a maximum of 10 people. However, this does not mean you have to compromise on the wedding of your dreams!  In this article, we’ll show you how to have 100% of the celebration even if you just have 10% of the guest list.


Although the current situation does not permit large social gatherings, it does not mean you’ll have to miss out on all the celebrating! Instead, plan for when the situation gets better. You can split your guest list into groups and treat them with activities and most importantly food that both you and your hubby-to-be enjoys. Hold a picnic, play at a board games cafe, book an escape room, feast at your favourite Korean BBQ restaurant or even book out a private pole dance class. Why have one “wedding” celebration when you can have many!


Having lesser guests means you are able to give more time in making sure even the little details pop! From handwritten place cards to even personalised door gifts. Get your guests a “Wedding Ready Kit” filled up with essentials such as a small champagne bottle, a custom champagne bottle sleeve, little pastries, confetti and even tissues for crying! This also doubles for a really handy gift to mail to your guests who are not able to attend but would love to be part of the celebration too.


With a smaller wedding, you will not have to worry about filling up your guestlist with acquaintances just to hit the minimum number of tables required at hotels and banquets. The world is your oyster when it comes to non-traditional venues. Hold your wedding on a yacht, an island away or maybe even hold it in your favourite fast food chain!


Did I hear artisanal teas, salmon avocado toasts and berry pancakes galore? Count me in! Don’t limit yourself to the standard 8 course Chinese wedding dinner when you hold your celebrations at intimate cafes and can treat your small entourage to your favourite brunch foods. All the better if it was your favourite go-to brunch spot during your dating days.


Curate your guest list to only have the 10 most crazily important people who you’d want to witness this milestone. With only 10 people attending including yourselves; skip the bridal party, if you’d like. For some, having your besties by your side on your big day is non-negotiable. However if your wedding is already on the petite side, it doesn’t make sense for half your guests to be at the altar with you. So feel free to make this wedding ceremony just about the two of you.


With modern technology, bridging the distance is a problem of the past. Webcasting platforms such as Google Hangouts and Skype as well as livestream on Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube, guests who aren’t able to attend physically can at least be present digitally! The best part about live streaming your wedding is that you’ll have videos to look back after!

Get your guests to join in on the fun too! You can even mail them the “Wedding Ready Kit” you’ve prepared or even a scheduled cupcake delivery so that they can join in on your cake cutting ceremony as well!

Whether you’re having a grand or an intimate wedding, what matters most is that it’s meaningful and special to the both of you. As the vow goes, in good times or in bad – you’ll definitely be able to tide through this together. Afterall, a wedding lasts a day but a marriage is for life! 

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