An Open Letter To Iuiga

Originally posted on LUXIEE Facebook Page on May 06, 2019


Dear Iuiga

We respect your hustle and we’re all for homegrown brands that are dedicated to making a difference for the people of today. We have not met but we are a Singapore-based online diamond marketplace that sells GIA-certified diamonds directly from suppliers with no hidden mark ups. #SupportLocal

We recently came across a Vulcan Post article about you selling diamonds at “true cost” (case in point: That piqued our curiosity, so we went to your site to take a look.

Being in the diamond trade ourselves, we definitely think you have an interesting online model but definitely one that targets the bold and the brave.

Why do we say that? You see, diamonds are expensive, that is why at LUXIEE, we allow our consumers to customise price, carat, colour, clarity and cut. Your model only requires them to choose the carat they like. It is a very simple system for a very expensive purchase. 💎

That’s like asking someone who is buying a flat to just choose the number of rooms they need and they’ll just pray that they get a good unit at a good location! We believe that takes bravery.

Also, in terms of the clarity grade, you’ve stated that it is a VS-SI-P ring. What’s a ‘P’ grade ring? None of our 100,000 over diamonds offered by our 17 global suppliers have such a grade. Is it proprietary to you? What about the diamond’s symmetry, polish, and fluorescence? Don’t these affect the prices of a ring too? 🤔

And speaking of transparency pricing, our customers can actually choose the suppliers they want to buy from. There is a pool of private partners along with some globally renowned ones whose profile are all included so customers have full control over their purchase.

But one thing we have to compliment you for, is that $1,799 for a 1ct diamond is a VERY attractive price. If only it can be GIA certified, we would buy from you too because there is NO WAY anyone can buy a GIA certified 1ct diamond at that price. I know they are just paper certifications but if you google, you would know the difference. For one, GIA is a non-profit organisation while IGI is a for profit organisation.

Well anyhow, since we are an online marketplace that sells diamonds directly from global suppliers, should your business pick up, and you need to get diamonds delivered quickly for your customers, ping us up because, we can probably get it to you at half the time than the 40 days as per your estimated delivery date. 😉

See you around.

(afternote: we now understand from recent comments on your posts that you are comparing the price of your lab-grown diamonds with natural diamonds. Guess now that explains the great price disparity.)

With love,