5 Steps To Forever


So you finally found the one who will rock ‘n’ roll with you till the end of time. There’s no better time than now to “rock” her world by proposing with a stellar diamond engagement ring. While it can be tough to find the ring you think she deserves, it’s even tougher finding one that she will love for all your years to come. Here are our 5 steps to getting the perfect engagement ring to propose to your forever.


Play detective, you can get ideas on your fiancée-to-be by keeping tabs on her lifestyle and fashion sense. 

· She opts for simple fashion, staples in her closet repertoire being solid coloured tops and jeans. Her ring style is most likely to be a simple round solitaire engagement ring.

· She is always dressed in prints and has a playful dress sense. Consider fancy shaped diamond rings that all the celebrities are wearing now, such as marquise, pear or asscher.

· Her occupation and hobbies require her to be very hands-on (i.e sports, crafting, gardening). Choose a style that allows for a low-set diamond compared to one that is a cathedral or high-prong diamond. You wouldn’t want a damaged diamond and you definitely do not want her to get hurt.

With our extensive digital footprint now, another way you can uncover her dream ring is to stalk her on Pinterest. Many have boards dedicated to their dream rings!

One of the safest options you can also choose to take is to involve people who are closest to her. Chances are your fiancée-to-be have shared her ring preferences with her best friends and close relatives. You can even ask them to shop with you. 


It can be rather confusing with the many different ring sizing charts used such as Europe, United States, Japan and Hong Kong sizing charts. The oldest trick in the book is to use one of her other rings to get a size approximation. If your partner is out of town or working, she will not notice if one of her rings went missing. You can take out a ring out of her jewellery box and here is what you can do with it:

· You can take it straight to a jeweller and they will measure the ring size for you. 

· Trace the inside of their ring on a piece of paper and bring it to a jeweller to get them to measure the diameter of your sketch so that they can give you a size approximation.

· Use LUXIEE’s  printable ring sizer that can easily guide you on getting her ring size right on the first try. LUXIEE’s ring sizes follow Hong Kong’s ring size chart which is the most common ring sizing measurement in Singapore. Pro-tip: measure her ring size at night for the most accurate readings.


The first place on everybody’s mind when they think of getting their engagement ring is to hit the retail shops. With retailers, you have the option of physical shops or online brands. However, the diamonds they sell often come with their own middle-man markups that inflate the final price.

In contrast, you can shop at LUXIEE – a marketplace that connects customers directly to suppliers. Be spoilt for choice with over 100,000 diamonds of different shapes and carats when you shop at LUXIEE. With GIA certification, you can be assured of the authenticity of the diamonds you purchase. The procedure is simple – go to www.luxiee.com, choose the shape of the diamond you are looking for, adjust the diamond specification bars according to your preference and voila, a string of results will be shown, tailored to your specifications. 


After choosing a diamond, the next step is to select which ring setting you would like your diamond to be set on. LUXIEE offers both side stone and solitaire ring settings in colours: rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. Here is a quick guide on the different ring setting you might come across:

· The solitaire gives off that classic elegance that is very popular. With its simplistic design, it is able to showcase the diamond’s beauty and sparkle.

· There are many side stone setting styles that are designed to enhance the center stone’s beauty while reflecting the personality of its wearer. 

+ Pavé setting: Many small gems are placed close together around the center stone, creating a honeycomb appearance, giving the effect that the jewellery has been ‘paved with diamonds. 

+ Channel setting: A distinctive look, accent stones are set into the grooved  channel and are laid edge-to-edge in a row.

If you will like to add your very special touch in crafting a customized ring setting, email LUXIEE at info@luxiee.com and we will be more than happy to help you craft your vision. 


Asking her to be your forever will be the start of a new chapter, it is monumental, life altering and unforgettable. Take some time to carve your words and then go for it. When the time comes to propose, speak from the heart. When it comes down to it, nothing else matters except that sacred moment just the two of you will share. Good luck!

P.S. If you purchased a diamond or diamond ring from LUXIEE, we’d love to hear about your proposal. Do drop us a note at info@luxiee.com with pictures, leave a review on Facebook, or simply tag us @luxiee.official on Instagram!