5 Diamond Jewellery Ideas For Her


Unlike the many gifts that see their seasons and make their way into the donation pile, diamonds are one to be kept forever. Diamonds hold the meaning of everlasting love. A gift that will be passed down from generation to generation, growing in sentimental value as it becomes a treasured heirloom.

Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or just celebrating her – gifting diamond jewellery is always a good idea. With diamonds being a versatile stone, it can be set in numerous settings. With that being said, here are 5 fool-proof diamond jewellery ideas you can get for her.


The tennis bracelet is a thin bracelet lined with a singular strand of diamonds that either wrap around the whole way or partially around the wrist. It’s one of the classics that will never go out of style and she’ll be able to wear it with all sorts of looks. The perks that come along with gifting a bracelet is it’ll be very visible to the wearer. When she eats a meal, uses her phone or even works on her laptop; the bracelet is a good constant reminder of your love. It’s almost as if you’re right there with her every day.


Necklaces are the next most popular diamond jewellery gifts after the diamond ring. They make for great sentimental pieces which sits close to the heart and bring about an everlasting connection. When you get your sweetheart a diamond necklace, it’ll not only be treasured by her but for the many generations that follow. Who knows, your great grandchildren might repurpose the treasured family heirloom into a diamond engagement ring they’d propose with!


A pair of diamond stud earrings never disappoint. In fact, this is a diamond jewellery gift that is the most fool-prrof and beloved by many. Play around with all sorts of diamond shapes, carats and metals. Diamond stud earrings are the staple to any ear jewellery collection. They can be paired with anything and it gives her style an added bling factor. The best part about gifting diamond stud earrings is that you don’t have to worry about her ring or wrist size, or the length of a necklace chain.


A stacker ring is bright, refined and elegant making it the perfect add-on diamond piece to complement her existing rings, engagement ring and wedding band. It’s a very versatile piece and it looks good whether it’s being worn on its own or stacked for a custom look.


Huggies are the smallest type of diamond hoop earring. Its close-fitting silhouette hugs around your earlobe. Huggies are often set with petite pave diamonds, giving off a delicate look which makes them an excellent everyday diamond option for the understated girl who wants to have a piece that will last forever without being too over the top or loud.

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